NetMark International

About us

NetMark International is an advisory firm to companies across the business spectrum, from International 1000 and U.S. Fortune 500 companies, to small and middle market businesses. Headquartered in the Atlanta, GA area, the firm was established in 1986.

The firm provides services to owners and executives of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and service providers to help them smooth their business operations, manage projects and prototypes, and build their company. NetMark’s services fall into the following categories: General Management, Project Management, Marketing, Organizational Structure and Technology.

  • General Management: These issues are strategic in scope, and center around revenues, cashflow, costs and expenses, sales, marketing, operations, profit, products, processes, people, prototypes, pricing, planning and priorities.
  • Project Management: NetMark’s acquired expertise allows the firm to handle special projects, such as prototype parts for production components, helping clients select design and machining specialists, and managing the flow of upstream materials from mill or distributor to downstream labor for the final assembly.
  • Marketing: Issues that are more tactical in nature focus on prospects, customers, sales activities, collateral materials, new business development, implementation, and project management. Here you can find over six dozen marketing tactics, a few of which will be effective for your business. To learn how to use them, retain us!
  • Organization: Structuring services analyze positions and processes within the company, including the flow of information, documentation, components parts, work hours and expertise within the organization, to identify and correct rabbit holes and speed bumps that compromise efficiency.
  • Technology: Technology touches every aspect of business today, and there are always glitches and “oops’s” that slip by but gum up the works. Whether it is a project issue, web functionality, manufacturing challenge or operational gotcha, NetMark brings a fresh set of eyes and ideas to team with internal resources to resolve the quandary.

Clients retain NetMark on a month-to-month basis or for the duration of a specific project. This is far more cost effective than paying a firm on an hourly, ad hoc or a la carte basis, and provides the cost control and cost benefits that businesses demand.